Pilot log is a complete aviation logbook for the General Aviation pilot. Keep track of your all your training, currency, endorsements, and flight time in one complete package. Pilot Log will even backup your files to Dropbox, or export a CSV file to use in any spreadsheet application. You can also print out your logbook and have a paper copy if you prefer (Complete with your instructor's signatures).

Pilot Log is a simple, easy to use, logbook meant for General Aviation Pilots. As a CFI I got tired of entering all my flights into a paper logbook and searched for a quick, easy, and safe solution to keep all my flight time in order. I created Pilot Log specifically for that purpose. Some features:

1. Your logbook is saved in the cloud so you never have to worry about losing your flight logs.
2. Your CFI can easily sign your log entries for any dual instruction.
3. Pilot Log quickly shows you all your flight time, and let's you easily track Day/Night VFR, and IFR currency.
4. Save your Logbook to Dropbox!
5. View your Logbook as a PDF and create a paper backup.
6. Export to CSV and view your logbook in a spreadsheet application.

Your privacy is very important to us. We will never share your pilot logs with anyone and we will never use your e-mail address other than to contact you about Pilot Log.

We also plan to update Pilot Log with more great features!